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2º Salsa Cubana (Intermediate)

In the classes of level 2º of Salsa (intermediate initiation) they will continue working what they learned in the previous year mastering the basic steps and figures. Couple Dance

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- The student will take a level test.

- There are two shows a year in the theater.

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Salsa is one of the most popular Latin social dances. It is danced to the rhythm of the music that bears the same name. It is a couple dance, but you can also dance solo. It was created by Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and other Hispanic Americans.

Salsa appeared in the 60s with the fusion of Latin rhythms: son, Cuban rumba, mambo, jazz, forming a mixture of rhythms and styles, hence its name, SALSA. It was in Cuba where this dance was born, but it was the United States that developed it and launched it throughout the world.

The basic salsa step in 2

Starting with the right foot and alternating feet: Forward-Forward-Backward-Pause.

Starting with the left foot and alternating feet: Back-Back-Forward-Pause.

Types and styles of salsa

Cuban sauce.

The Venezuelan sauce.

Salsa online or Los Angeles style.

The New York sauce or Mambo style.

The sauce in Rueda Cubana.

Salsa from Puerto Rico.

The Colombian style sauce or Cali style (name of a city in Colombia)

Tips to identify the musical time of a salsa song:

Listen carefully to the music. Identify your speed.

Capture the beat 1 or downbeat of the song, where the rhythmic and musical accent is.

Try to match beat 1 of the basic step with beat 1 of the song.

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