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1º Dominican Bachata (Initiation)

In the Zero level Dominican Bachata classes for beginners you will learn the basic steps such as: Hip and foot movements. It is a simple and fun dance style.

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- The student will take a level test.

- There are two shows a year in the theater.

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Bachata Original or Dominican

Bachata is known as a genre of popular music that was born in the Dominican Republic and later expanded to many countries. Bachata combines merengue, son, bolero and other styles.

It focuses on hip and foot movements, with simple and short steps from side to side, usually without twists, very slow and inspired by its origins from the Cuban bolero.

The basic step to dance bachata is fun and simple. This movement consists of three steps and a touch with the sole of the foot. These four movements are executed in a 4/4 rhythm. The three steps are danced in the first three times and the foot touch in the fourth time.

We can distinguish these different types or styles of bachata:

Dominican Bachata It is the original style, as the name indicates its origin in the Dominican Republic. They also call it original bachata. ...

Traditional bachata.

Sensual bachata.

Modern Bachata.

Bachata Urbana - Street Bachata.

Bachatango - Bachata tango.

Bachata is a danceable genre that has its origins in the Dominican Republic. In its beginnings it was called "guitar bolero", as it is considered a genre derived from the rhythmic bolero with a mixture of Cuban son and merengue. ... It admits figures from other Latin dances, adapted to the rhythm of bachata.

The step, in reality, consists of three steps that are danced in the first three beats and a touch with the sole of the foot that is executed in the fourth beat. When the sole of the foot touches the ground on the fourth beat, the hip moves up.

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